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You will learn how to build
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Your first income stream is through a company called EPX Body

Income that will pay you month after month! Of course, you can choose to do either one of our opportunities as a stand alone program but we believe combining both and building a dual income simultaneously is the way to go!

Your second income stream is our marketing system which utilizes a direct mail postcard program called Vanguard Global Ventures which we will discuss after EPX.

So, let's start off with EPX Body and why we chose this company.

1. EPX is a very member friendly program! It is readily affordable to everyone. The startup cost is just $39.95 plus S&H. There are no additional costs. There are no sign up fees or distributor kit fees. All the tools and sites you need to build this company are provided free of charge to every member!

2. Our team has a system in place that can help you achieve a $10,000 per month income within 90 days...all for a start-up of $40. So, let me ask you a question: "Would you give up $40 to earn $10,000 per month with the only requirement on your part is that you find 4 others willing to do the same thing?"

Check out our informational line which is available 24/7 
641-715-3900 PIN 787435#

Well, if your answer is YES!! then you have just found the goose that laid the golden egg!

3. EPX comes with a risk-free money back guarantee! All of our products are guaranteed for 30 days. So, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with any of our products or opportunity all you have to do is send back your product and you will get a full refund!

4. Your monthly autoship requirement never goes above one bottle of product...EVER! Regardless of whether you are earning $100 per month or $100,000...your requirement is only one bottle per month! Most companies continually raise your autoship requirements and that will never happen with EPX!!

5. Our product line is exceptional!! Every product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

Let me give you a quick summary of some of our products:

-Sea Veg or Daily...totally organic sea vegetation product that replaces all the synthetic and pettroleum based vitamin/mineral products on the market!

-Cardio-a great product for cardiovascular health! We even have diabetics getting off their medications, including insulin, with this product!

-Immune-eliminates the common cold, flu, viruses and even addresses west nile virus and lime's disease and it will even kill MRSA!!

-all of our weight loss supplements are working SO well that EPX will even pay people up to $10 for every pound they lose! So, if a person joins EPX and goes on our 90 day challenge and loses 50 pounds (many are doing that and more!!) then EPX will send that person a check for $500! Pretty amazing!

6. Our compensation plan is a 4x5 matrix which allows us to build our team with group effort! We have fast start commissions, weekly pay, a 25% matching commission on personal enrollments and a generational bonus. Bottom line is that EPX pays out one extraordinary income!

7. As soon as you enroll 4 people EPX will send you a check for $40 per month to cover the cost of your auto-ship! With most companies you would have to enroll 10-18 people to cover your costs!

To check out EPX please go to our Website.

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Just by checking us out you will be entered into a drawing for $1000! We give that away each and every month to new people looking at our opportunity!

So, why do you need a home-based business??? Read on!!

What's your Plan B in today's economy?

Would you travel to a distant destination without a roadmap or a plan? This is a sure way to get lost along the way and wind up somewhere far from where you intended.

During these challenging economic times, to stay on track we all need to have a clear understanding of trends and statistics pertaining to the job market, personal finance, and retirement. Only with this clarity can we realize if we're climbing the right ladder and whether it's leading to the view we most want.

If the data is shocking and disturbing, I'm just the messenger. It's up to you to determine what it means for you and then either take appropriate action or not. Just know that if you do what you've always done, you've get what you've always gotten. Most importantly, as members of EPX Body, we've got the perfect solution. We'll invite you to consider the details for yourself.

=> 80% of people hate their jobs,

=> People change jobs an average of 11 times throughout their career.

=> 58% of people have less than $25,000 saved for retirement and 28% have less than $1000 saved for retirement.

=> Median household income has plummeted 7.3 percent since the recession began, and after the recession supposedly ended in June 2009 is still 4.4% below levels of when the recession began.

=> The majority of jobs lost in the recession were mid-wage jobs, and they've been replaced by low-wage jobs. 8 out of 10 new jobs are in fast food or retail.

=> The average C.E.O. has gotten a raise of nearly 40 percent since 2009. The average American earns less than he or she did in 1999.

=> Parents will spend an average of $235,000 to raise a child born in 2011 to the age of 17. (And that's not taking into account any savings for college)

=>The Federal Reserve is pumping $53 billion a month into the economy because there's nothing else propping it up. Here's a serious question: With these statistics, how do the odds look for you and your family? How's the recovery working out for you?

This is why we're so excited about EPX Body and Vanguard Global Ventures as the perfect financial team. You'll receive a turnkey system that will allow you to build a dual income with duplication and simplicity! We'll show you how to help as few as 4 people and then how to duplicate this process. These simple steps will help you to generate a $10,000 per month income in a matter of 90 days or less!

Your second opportunity is through a company called Vanguard Global Ventures. This is a direct mail company that utilizes a postcard mailing system! This is a solid and very lucrative program that can be done as a stand alone company if you desire!

We have combined this program with EPX and use this postcard program to market the EPX opportunity as well as the VGV opportunity! So, you are actually building a dual income at the same time!!

Here is some additional information on VGV:

Vanguard Global Ventures, a great opportunity.


This has never been done before.


1. WE DO THE WORK, YOU KEEP THE MONEY: We have the system in place, you just plug in. Better still, we answer prospect calls, process the payments, do the customer service and stay in touch with your members.

2. TWO POWERFUL ENROLLMENT OPTIONS; YOU CHOOSE THE ONE THAT FITS YOUR BUDGET: Our entry level Vanguard Leads for $67 monthly or our Masters Series that puts $1000 commissions in your pocket from the sales we close for you!

3. REPEAT REFERRAL COMPENSATION: You get paid monthly, over and over again. There is no limit to your monthly earnings.

4. NO DIRECT MAIL EXPERTISE NEEDED: We have written every word, have the best lead sources and have years of experience succeeding with direct mail.

5. NO INTERNET EXPERTISE NEEDED: Period. Your back office does everything for you; you just log in and see how much you have earned!

6. SPEND YOUR DAYS AT THE BEACH: Since we have done all the writing, provide all the service and will even mail your postcards/letters for you, if you choose, you don't have to bug family and friends, hold meetings or do any selling at all. You only 'job' is to count your profits!

7. FREE WEBSITE: When you enroll you receive your personal website and back office to track your enrollments and count your cash! NO HOSTING FEES OR HIDDEN CHARGES OF ANY KIND.

8. PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: It doesn't matter what your age, nationality, education, physical challenges or other person issues have held you back in the past, Vanguard will work for you.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who will live well in the future: Vanguard members include doctors, housewives, engineers, students, retirees, business owners, pilots, schoolteachers, truck drivers and others who are busy people who want a successful business and a life at the same time!

Read what our members think about
Vanguard Global Ventures:

"I think this... is an industry game changer! Thanks for taking this on. I think this is going to be a monster program, and a huge success. Don"

"I've been searching for about 25 years for this 'gift' from Heaven and boy did you deliver or what? I'm tired today because I couldn't sleep last nite, but it's a 'good' tired, thinking about all of the possibilities with this program and more importantly the simplicity of it! You took the best of many programs and packaged them up to be what I see as the 'best' program out there! Kudos to you! YOU ROCK!!!! Anthony"

"I bet you that very few realize how powerful the system you two guys have is borderline preposterous - we send out some post cards and YOU respond for us? What? Removing the inexperienced amateur from the contact response and replacing it with the professional response is pure genius. Possible 'Hall of Fame' for both of you on this one. Let's rock the house with VGV! Great work Gents! Mark"

"Larry, This program is going to be my financial salvation in the years to come. And I think it will become the financial salvation for thousands of other people as well. Sincerely, Marty"


VANGUARD is built on the rock solid, proven direct mail principle insurance companies, major retailers and others have used for massive success, and the combined 40+ years' experience yoou guys have building success from home. There is no learning curve; our techniques and methods are proven, our choice of copy and our choice of mailing list names and our support are proven.


PART I: VANGUARD LEADS PROGRAM - Easy to make it FREE and to put money in your pocket because you get paid on 3 tiers, including a special bonus tier:

AFFILIATE ENROLLMENT: Our entry level requires only a $67 monthly commitment. You do not pay any registration fees or hidden costs of any kind.

With your $67 payment you receive:

- Your member replicatable website with your personal back office at no extra charge, and no monthly hosting fees!

- 50 full-color postcards with 50 leads addressed and mailed out for you with postage paid. Nothing for you to write, create or design.

- MAKING YOUR ENROLLMENT FREE: You will be paid $14 for every enrollment under you every month. Just 5 total enrollments at $67 monthly earns you a total of $70, three dollars more than your monthly subscription!

- BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER BECAUSE WE PAY YOU $5 FOR EVERY ENROLLMENT YOUR MEMBER GETS AND $4 FOR EVERY MEMBER THEY ENROLL. You get paid on 3 tiers and we do the customer service and followup for you!

- LEADS 'BONUS' SYSTEM: When you have a member who enrolls at $67 you earn a $14 commission. But what happens if that person enrolls, decides to do 200 postcards that delivers a $50 commission. If you only order 50 postcards do you forfeit the higher amount? NO, WITH VANGUARD YOU GET PAID FOR THE LARGER ORDER YOUR MEMBER MADE EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE AT THE LOWEST LEVEL.

- Most other programs do not allow you to earn a level higher than you paid; a great Vanguard advantage to you.


So let's recap Vanguard:

1. Vanguard Global Ventures is designed to put money in your pocket fast and for the long term.

2. Vanguard Global Ventures provides all marketing materials and customer service.

3. When you enroll you receive your own member website and back office, with no charge of any kind, along with a replicatable marketing website, also at no charge.

4. You can enroll according to your budget, either at the Leads or Master Series levels and begin building your profit today!

5. As a special bonus we have reserved a spot for you in our rotator to help you build your Vanguard business. We have decided not to be members so we don't compete with you. WE SPEND 100% OF OUR TIME HELPING OUR MEMBERS.

Join us on our conference calls:

Call: 641 715-3200, PIN 659663#

RECORDED CALL: 641-715-3413, PIN 659663#, PAUSE AND # AGAIN.

WE BELIEVE REAL SERVICE IS THE BEST PRODUCT WE OFFER! So join us today and let our simple, powerful, proven marketing build your success.

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